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The Liberal Gloat

2nd December 2012

Ross Douthat points out that the Emperor is not only starkers but also has a really small dick.

WINNING an election doesn’t just offer the chance to govern the country. It offers a chance to feel morally and intellectually superior to the party you’ve just beaten. This is an inescapable aspect of democratic culture: no matter what reason tells us about the vagaries of politics, something in the American subconscious assumes that the voice of the people really is the voice of God, and that being part of a winning coalition must be a sign that you’re His chosen one as well.

Not that they’re into that whole God thing, you understand.

“Those poor, benighted Republicans!” runs the subtext of their postelection commentary. “They can’t read polls! They can’t reach Hispanics! They don’t understand women! They don’t have a team of Silicon Valley sorcerers running their turnout operations!”

Honesty would have forced them to add ‘They’re unwilling to give away free shit!’ and ‘The only good vote is a fraudulent vote!’, but we’re talking Democrats here, so honesty is a foreign concept.

 Liberals look at the Obama majority and see a coalition bound together by enlightened values — reason rather than superstition, tolerance rather than bigotry, equality rather than hierarchy. But it’s just as easy to see a coalition created by social disintegration and unified by economic fear.

If you are useless and ignorant and lazy and therefore dependent on handouts for your very existence, then of course you’re going to support the side the promises you more handouts. That’s just a fact. And the side that catches on to this first is going to encourage people to be useless and ignorant and lazy because that increases their support. That’s just a fact, too. Ta-da! Welcome to the modern Democratic Party.

Foseti labels this grouping ‘The Coalition of Third-Worldism and Civilizational Decay’, although I could think of several less polite (and less Politically Correct) ways to say it.

… the Democratic Party’s coalition is one of NAMs (and Asians) and loose women (I feel a Waylon Jennings song coming on, but maybe that’s just the booze talking). Someone can probably come up with a good name for this coalition, but in the meantime, I’ll lamely propose: The Coalition of Third-Worldism and Civilizational Decay. Or perhaps “Idiocracy in Action” is more catchy.


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