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USDA: Students ‘Adjusting’ to Restricted Lunch Menus

7th October 2012

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The USDA is now touting “government-approved” school lunches as a “model” for the family dinner menu. The Obama administration is informing Americans, yet again, that the government knows what is best, and we probably can’t serve a decent meal when left to our own devices. So, the USDA will help us out by moving in with the idea that dinner should be modeled after the “healthy” food the government is already serving for lunch in the public institutions we call school.

This is the same ‘progressive’ fascist mindset that moved government teachers to punish Indian kids for speaking their own language rather than English — all for their own good, you understand.

Indeed, if this were being done to any ethnic group other than Middle-Class White Kids, the government would be the first to go all multi-culti Civil-Rights-suit on their asses.

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