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The Filthy Rotten Party of Corruption, Treason, Fraud, Sodomy and Abortion

22nd January 2013

The Other McCain lets it all hang out.

The problem, really, is that Republicans just don’t hate Democrats the way Democrats hate Republicans.

Most Republicans are born and raised Republicans, and are spiritually attuned to the sentiments of bourgeois respectability that are core values to the decent, honest people the GOP represents. By contrast, Democrats owe their power to the vilest dregs of humanity — corrupt union goons, Marxist academics, criminals, drug addicts, sexual perverts and race hustlers — who have no respect for the values of decent, honest people.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

2 Responses to “The Filthy Rotten Party of Corruption, Treason, Fraud, Sodomy and Abortion”

  1. lowly Says:

    Well, hate implies hostility, so that’s not the correct word for feelings towards Democrats. Despise, loathe and abhor are words that come to mind. They’re just so friggin’ pathetic. And they know it. And they know you know it. And it kills them.

  2. Whitehawk Says:

    But remember, we have no right to expect anything of them. They become apoplectic if you have any kind of moral expectation of them. “Don’t shove your morality down my throat.”… as they drain our national wealth on corruption, treason, fraud, sodomy and abortion…

    Just keep paying your taxes you self-righteous bigots. Nothing to see here. Move along.