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Liberal Ethics: If It’s OK to Kill Babies, Why Is It Wrong to Molest Children?

11th January 2013

The Other McCain is on the case.

Scott Richard Swirling, 61, thought he was discussing plans to meet a District man who was offering to let him have sex with his preteen daughter, authorities said.

It turns out Swirling was dealing with an undercover D.C. police officer.

Swirling was once executve director of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association.

Well, it seems to me that if one is interested in having sex with pre-teen females, one has a certain interest in making sure that abortion is safe, legal, and paid for by the taxpayer, without any messy requirement for parental notification. No hypocrisy here, so the lamestream media will undoubtedly give it a pass.

Swirling may be a pervert, but because he is a pro-choice pervert, he’s still a liberal in good standing.

Like, say, Barney Frank, fated to occupy the Kerry Seat in Massachusetts. Hmmm. ‘Occupy Kerry Seat’. Sounds like something that Barney could get behind.

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