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A Victim of Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and Her Violent Lesbian Ex-Girlfriend

17th November 2012

The Other McCain explains it all to you.

What we are supposed to believe, according to political correctness, is that all problems experienced by homosexuals can be attributed to the hateful bigotry of homophobes. In much the same way, all problems experienced by black people are the result of racism, and all the problems of women are blamed on the oppressive sexist patriarchy. So when we encounter a black lesbian terrorizing her black lesbian ex-girlfriend, this is somewhat difficult for the politically correct to explain. However, if you dare to point out the seeming contradiction — the victims victimizing their fellow victims, without any prompting from straight white male oppressors — the politically correct will say that the mere fact that you noticed this makes you a sexist, racist homophobe. Heads, they win the argument. Tails, you lose. Never argue with a liberal. You’re only wasting your breath.

I predict a bright future collecting unearned benefits from her awesome victim status. Is this a great country, or what?

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