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Death Threats and Denial for Woman Who Showed College Athletes Struggle to Read

10th January 2014

Read it.

Of course. You cross the Crust, and they punish you, using all of their Voices.

UNC issued a statement Wednesday night saying it did not believe Willingham’s account of a basketball player who could not read or write.

It went on: “University officials can’t comment on the other statistical claims mentioned in the story because they have not seen that data. University officials have asked for that data, but those requests have not been met.”

As well as questioning UNC many times about the story before publication, CNN has also detailed Willingham’s research.

And purported e-mail exchanges obtained by CNN since August show that Willingham did share her findings at least twice — once with Executive Vice Provost James W. Dean Jr., and once with a member of a university committee on academics and athletics.

In addition, Willingham says her research on the students in the athletics programs that make money for the university was done based on screenings that the university itself paid for. And, she says, she has gotten permission from the university several times since 2008 to access those findings to continue her research.

“It’s already available to them,” Willingham said. “It’s in their system. … They have all the data and more. It belongs to them, and they paid a lot of money for it.”

2 Responses to “Death Threats and Denial for Woman Who Showed College Athletes Struggle to Read”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Does the Left have a textbook on this sort of behavior? I only ask because they seem to be so damned consistent about the way they react.

    Maybe genetic?

    There is nothing new about atheletes graduating from college that are functional illiterates. I knew a few back when I went to school and several famous pros have admitted (after retirement and losing all their money) that they learned nothing. To deny that is like denying that the tide ebbs and flows.

  2. ErisGuy Says:

    Universities were seized by factions hostile to education and long ago lost their purpose. They cannot be reclaimed for science and scholarship from Leftists and boosters; they can only be abolished.