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Gun Control Advocates’ Loudest Voices Are Most Heavily Protected

25th December 2012

Read it.

If ‘gun control’ worked, of course, they wouldn’t need such protection.

 Both Bloomberg and Cuomo come from the jurisdiction where major gun control legislation was established by New York State Democratic Senator Timothy “Big Tim” Sullivan. Sullivan became known as a Tammany Hall crook intent on protecting his mobsters from prosecution and disarming innocent civilians in New York State.

The Sullivan Act was passed in 1911 after a murder suicide shooting in Gramercy Park. The law mandated that New York residents must have police issued licenses for concealed handguns, otherwise it would be considered a felony.

Thousands of gun control laws later, politicians like Mayor Bloomberg walk the streets of New York with armed security.

The mayor of Dallas, for contrast, has no police protection — nor needs it.

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