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Volunteer Thought Police

2nd December 2012

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I’m endlessly fascinated by the fact that the American Progressive regime has a volunteer thought police.

Most regimes have had to pay or threaten citizens into acting as thought police. However, many American Progressives take to the internet every day looking (far and wide, it would seem) for things to be offended by. What motivates these people?

All ideological regimes cultivate such proclivities, starting with Useful Idiots and hopefully winding up with Petains and Quislings; the ultimate poster child is the kid who rats out his parents to the Authorities for thinking unauthorized thoughts or failing to get with the state’s programs.

Activities during the Chinese ‘Cultural Revolution’ under Mao are, tellingly enough, matched by some of the activities of children under Islamist tutelage — totalitarians have a standard toolbox that they all wind up using, no matter what the Clever Plastic Disguise might be.

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