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UK: ‘Women Bishops Debate Was a Long and Boring Suicide Note’

21st November 2012

Read  it.

I think I have just watched the Church of England commit suicide. It was a very long and very boring process. But at the end of nine hours’ rehearsal of stale arguments made in bad faith the General Synod took a decisive turn into fantasy, or stumbled over its own rules, and failed, by a very small margin, to gain the complicated majorities required to make women bishops.

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, as it eventually will to all ‘Protestant’ bodies. Really, when people 1500 years after the fact decide that they know better than the Apostles and those taught by the Apostles what Christianity is all about, it is inevitable that they will wander off into their own fantasy world and wind up sharing nothing with historical Christianity except the label.

Kinda like ‘gay marriage’ that way. Sorry, folks; terms have histories, and you aren’t allowed to just up and re-do what they mean to fit what’s Hip And Trendy.

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