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Connecticut Senate Candidate Murphy Endorsed by Communist Party

2nd November 2012

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Joelle Fishman, who chairs the Connecticut chapter of Communist Party USA, has endorsed Democrat Chris Murphy for the U.S. Senate.

Writing in People’s World, Fishman praised Murphy’s votes in favor of ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood funding, and pro-union issues. Referring to Murphy’s opponent, moderate Linda McMahon, as a “tea party extremist,” Fishman accused McMahon of investing “$77 million of her own money to buy this Senate seat.” She praised Murphy for his stance on higher taxes for the rich.

Yes, there still is an American Communist Party. Failure is not an option, so they just ignore it.

We’ll let you know when next they endorse a Republican. Warning: Don’t hold your breath.

One Response to “Connecticut Senate Candidate Murphy Endorsed by Communist Party”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Actually, they should take a page from The Karl Rove book of political tactics and endorse the candidate they don’t want to win.

    Obviously they didn’t read their Alinsky closely enough.