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Anders Behring Breivik a Self-Styled ‘Metrosexual’ Who Used David Beckham as Example

29th May 2012

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The Norwegian mass killer’s life “fell apart” after a failed relationship with a Belarusian internet date left him struggling with his sexuality, his friends told the court.

“That was perhaps his last attempt at dating a girl like the other boys did,” his best friend’s ex-girlfriend told the court.

Breivik’s friends suspected the 33-year-old extremist might be homosexual because he was feminine and fastidious about his appearance, another friend, a lawyer in Norway’s Ministry of Defence, said.

“He used make-up powder, those kinds of things, and he explained that as being ‘metrosexual’. He made reference to David Beckham being that at the time.”


2 Responses to “Anders Behring Breivik a Self-Styled ‘Metrosexual’ Who Used David Beckham as Example”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Is there really a need for a trial?

  2. Jehu Says:

    Amusingly, if I recall, Breivik talks about using things like this as a cover for long term planning and preparation in his manifesto data-dump. Basically his premise is that if you confess a moderately embarassing thing, like being homosexual or a WoW addict, to friends, family and associates, they’ll almost always assume that they ‘get it’ and won’t look for any further layers of the onion. That is actually a pretty shrewd estimate of human nature.