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The Vegetarian Personality

28th May 2012

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I have trouble accepting the idea that Hitler was a vegetarian. He just didn’t seem that pushy.

It’s not pretty.

Of all the annoying identity movements under the giant rancid rainbow, what is it that causes militant vegetarians to be the most obnoxious? What is it about the Vegetarian Personality that makes me wish someone would cannibalize them? What is it about being lectured by vegans that makes me want to drive straight to Wendy’s and order a Classic Triple?

Because they are the most irrationally self-righteous, which irritates the living shit out of normal people, even if they can’t articulate why.

Human beings evolved to, among other things, eat meat. Modern ‘progressives’ delight in forcing people to acknowledge moral superiority for things that are against nature (‘gay marriage’ comes immediately to mind), all the while proclaiming that their adversaries are ‘anti-science’. This hearkens back to Tertullian’s famous dictum ‘Credo quia absurdam’ and just reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun.

One Response to “The Vegetarian Personality”

  1. Jehu Says:

    People who grew up in a vegetarian culture (mostly Indians) in my experience aren’t annoying about being a vegetarian at all. I recall going to a fish fry with an Indian associate of mine (it was a team building exercise), and asking him if he wanted me to grill the veggie burgers first on the grill so that there would be no trace of meat contamination on it from the fish. He just laughed and said it was no problem. He pointed out that most grains contain minute traces of meat anyway and that most Hindus don’t make a fetish of such things. The people who are really annoying about vegetarianism (and veganism even more so), are the SWPLs that need to have strong status markers to distinguish them from being proles, because their income isn’t sufficient. Social workers and the like are notorious for this.