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German Town Fears Loss of U.S. Army Base

28th March 2012

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In town, where almost every German has a relative who has married an American and moved to the United States over the six decades the base has been here, many talk of picking up stakes, too.

“I’m heading to Texas,” said Irmtraud Goettel, 64, who runs a hotel and open-pit barbecue restaurant with her husband. Longhorns are mounted above the bar, a reminder of her granddaughter, who’s about to graduate from college in the Lone Star State.

“You know what I do in Texas?” Goettel said. “I like to pop open a big can of Natural Light” — much better than German beer, she said — “sit on the back porch, fire up the grill.”

You’ll have to fight your way past the people moving from Michigan.

One Response to “German Town Fears Loss of U.S. Army Base”

  1. lowly Says:

    Know Baumholder. Have lived there. Bit of a backwater.

    There are a lot of half Teutons in the US via military marriages. US PX’s will carry gigantic tines of Lebkuchen during season, for example.