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What Would One Big Nuke Do to Israel?

27th February 2012

Read it. And examine the map very closely.

Iran has called Israel a “one bomb state,” meaning one nuclear bomb could effectively end the existence of the tiny, New Jersey-sized nation. Israel has a population of 7.8 million people. Some 42 percent of the population live in the Tel Aviv metro area.

And this is why it will come as no surprise if Israel does a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

One Response to “What Would One Big Nuke Do to Israel?”

  1. RealRick Says:

    It’s been over 66 years since Hiroshima. Both the US and the USSR spent decades testing nukes and reviewing their effects. Both countries came to the conclusion that firing a nuke was a big scale version of throwing hand grenades at an opponent while locked in the same closet with him. Both sides feared that some crazy fanatic would ignore reality a la Dr. Strangelove and start mutually assured destruction.

    Now nukes are being built by the remedial reading class of the world’s population. Crazed fanatic? They’ve got them by the busload. Hell, they export them by the busload.

    Honestly, the whole middle east has become such a mess that I suspect there are plenty of people who wouldn’t object if they all blew each other to Kingdom come so we won’t have to put up with it all. But there are way too many unstable parts of the world that need only a trivial catalyst to join in on the action. It’s the same formula that turned into WWI, complete with a modern version of Woodrow Wilson in the White House.