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Why the Presidential Election Doesn’t Matter

29th January 2012

In the Good Old Days™ we had something called the Spoils System, whereby anybody who got elected to office was entitled to replace all of the existing government employees with his own picks. Needless to say, a lot of these where Friends & Family, but as one went up the Hierarchy of Greeds one soon had to depend on people who were unrelated and, lets face it, not all that friendly. So, as a result, the elected official had to select from among the people who supported him for office; which meant that, whatever he stood for, they more or less stood for the same thing. So every election the entire cast of officeholders would change.

Nowadays, however, we have a ‘reform’ call the Civil Service System, regarding which, as with most government programs, the name is the exact opposite of what it purports to be doing — in this case, it indicates that government employees are obliged neither to be civil nor to give service. But, aside from the name, it’s chief impact has been the fact that once you get hired for a government job, the only way you can lose it is to die (and sometimes not even then). So elections don’t lead to changes the way they used to.

Bottom line: No matter who is elected President, the government will be run by the same malicious morons who run it today. It’s like being electrocuted: No matter what it feels like, you can’t let go.So don’t spend a lot of time fashing yourself about it.

One Response to “Why the Presidential Election Doesn’t Matter”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Kakistocracy at it’s best. The Republican presidential finalists are indistinguishable from Democrats. The rot is complete from top to bottom.