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Truth in Advertising: Act Seeks to Place Warning Labels on Enhanced Photos

28th November 2011

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Critics of a controversial trend in advertising are proposing legislation that would force companies to inform customers when the models in their ads have been photoshopped in order to improve their appearance.

Coming soon: Legislation banning unrealistic plots and scenes in books, movies, and video games. And don’t get me started on Weight Watchers.

Seth Matlin is the founder of offourchests.com, the driving force behind the “Self Esteem Act,” which seeks to make consumers more aware of the digital enhancement that occurs in advertising.

‘Progressives’ are all about ensuring that your life as dreary as theirs.

Matlin believes that digitally enhanced advertising creates unrealistic expectations for young women and that advertisers are giving young girls the impression that they will never be good enough. He argues that by focusing on physical beauty, and by photoshopping already beautiful models, entire segments of the population are being excluded.

‘We’re going to enhance your self-esteem by making sure that you have no prayer of being anything other than fat, ugly, and stupid.’ The anti-Burger-King: Have it our way — or else.

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