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Israeli court compensates father of Palestinian girl shot by Israeli police

28th September 2011

Read it.

If the police had been Palestinian, and the girl Israeli, the Palestinian government would have rewarded the police.

There lies the difference between Israel and its enemies.

6 Responses to “Israeli court compensates father of Palestinian girl shot by Israeli police”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    As well it should.

    Of course, you have nothing to offer beyond your own bigotry to provide as evidence regarding what the Palistinian Authority would do, but don’t let that stop you. Preach on, Brother, preach on…

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Whenever you say ‘of course’, we know you’re going to say something ignorant. The Palestinian Authority, like Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the government of Iran with Hezbollah, and Saddam Hussein in his day, pays bounties to the families of suicide bombers. You would know this if you bothered to read the news rather than just regurgitating left-wing talking points.

  3. Dennis Nagle Says:

    “The Palestinian Authority…pays bounties to the families of suicide bombers.” Ana you know this…how? Or is it just one of your “logical” assumptions based on your a priori belief that all Muslims are homicidal maniacs?

    There was some evidence that Saddam paid bounties to Palestinian suicide bombers, but I can find no evidence that the practice translated to the Palestinian Authority.
    If you have any reference sources, I’d be happy to see them.

  4. Tim of Angle Says:

    Military intelligence veterans fresh back from the sandbox. (We have those here in Texas.) I won’t give you their names because they have no desire to be pestered by some bearded wierdo. I made a lot of useful contacts in the National Guard and Army Reserve. Had you served in the military you might have made similar useful contacts yourself.

  5. Dennis Nagle Says:

    So basically it’s hearsay. Much as I expected. I don’t have any Super Secret Sources, unlike yourself. I didn’t get a Super Secret Decoder Ring in my Post Toasties, either. Somehow, I’m not devastated.

    What you’re basically saying is, “Trust Me, because I have the Inside Scoop”–much the sort of thing for which you criticize the government. Consistency, thy name is not Tim.

  6. Tim of Angle Says:

    All news is ‘hearsay’. I get mine from people who have actually been there; you get yours from ‘journalists’ who haven’t. There lies the difference between us. And it’s highly consistent.