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‘Profits Before Environment’

31st August 2011

More whining from the New York Times.

I wasn’t surprised when the administration of George W. Bush sacrificed the environment for corporate profits. But when the same thing happens under a Democratic administration, it’s depressing. With little or no public input, policies that benefit corporations regardless of the consequences continue to be enacted.

This guy’s beat is food, so of course he’s bitching about capitalism and the environment; I guess that comes under ‘all things related’. (What doesn’t? NASA?)

The ‘environment’ in question is, of course, non-gene-mod crops, which are about as ‘natural’ as a Ford Focus; every plant we eat has been tweaked by selective breeding for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And these are the guys who proclaim their devotion to science; God forbid we should use that science to improve our lives.

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