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IQ, Race, and History

30th October 2007

Read it. I haven’t read Hart’s book yet — it’s on my list of Things To Do In My Copious Free Time — but I think that Kling carries quite a bit of baggage along with him into this review.

Hart is not someone whose views I trust.

Well, that’s fine, but at least tell us why not.

Arnold raises some worthwhile questions, but I don’t think he gives them enough thought before drawing his conclusions. The basic problem is more objectively defining what the term “IQ” means — or, prior to that, what the term “intelligence” means. Just saying that intelligence is the ability to think better than someone else is worse than useless, because “think” itself isn’t a well-defined term, and the statement appears to say something useful without doing so.

I suspect that Hart and Kling are using “IQ” in different ways, and that makes for a tedious and unfruitful discussion. The problem with these quasi-political discussions is that nobody starts out by defining his freaking terms, which would be the first thing they’d do if they were writing a systematic treatment of any other subject.

That chaps my butt big-time.

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