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Can Maureen Dowd Ever Forgive Paul Krugman?

31st March 2010

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Maureen Dowd, the Times’s op-ed columnist for angry, single, middle-aged, Upper West Side women who talk to their cats, ends her rant against the pope today by stomping her feet and hurling the ultimate zinger at the Vatican’s legal experts:

“Maybe they worked for Enron.”

Paul was just doing his job. ‘Tis the season for reconciliation, Maureen.

Programs! Get your programs here! You can’t tell who’s getting paid off by who without a program!

One Response to “Can Maureen Dowd Ever Forgive Paul Krugman?”

  1. Cathy Says:

    I suspect the real question is “Does Maureen Dowd understand the concept of forgiveness towards anyone other than herself?”