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Are the Blue-Eyed Greedy? The Ethnicities of 40 Prominent Financial Players

30th March 2009

Steve Sailer likes to look for, you know, facts.

Is Maureen Dowd a racist? Let’s find out.

Obviously, Dowd (a red-haired Irish Catholic who felt undervalued because she has brown eyes) is using the code terms “blue eyed” and “white bread bankers” to refer to Northern European Protestants. So, it made more sense to look up ancestry, religion, and self-identification directly.

Well, first, Maureen Dowd’s media stereotype about the financial world as dominated by an Old Boy’s Network of blond, blue-eyed WASPs is badly out of date. Finance has evolved from an old Relationship Model to a newer Transaction Model about who can make you the most money in a New York minute.

Imagine my surprise. Maureen Dowd, famous liberal establishment columnist, seduced by media stereotypes? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked.

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