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Political Violence

13th February 2018

ZMan is not afraid to ask the obvious questions.

Why is George Soros still alive?

For most of human history, a person who caused trouble for rulers found himself either on the run or on a pike. A earl or prince that made trouble for the king was dragged before the king, humiliated and then hanged. If he fought back, then the king sacked his lands, killed his family and made an even bigger spectacle of killing the the troublemaker. After all, the point of political power is to reward your allies and punish your enemies. Yet, George Soros, an international troublemaker, is free to make trouble wherever he likes.

The obvious reply to that is civilized nations no longer rely on political assassinations to handle their business. Political leaders have a self interest in discouraging the practice of killing heads of state. If ruler X has ruler Y killed, because it advantages him, the other rulers have no choice but to band together and kill ruler X. Otherwise, it is a lawless world of all against all. President Gerald Ford issued an executive order in 1976 prohibiting US intelligence services from conducting political assassinations for this reason.

That makes sense with legitimate political leaders, but George Soros is a rootless grifter, who has no allegiance to any government. Killing him would be no different than droning a terrorist. Some argue that international law prohibits targeted assassinations, but international law is mostly meaningless. The Israelis have been using targeted assassination against whoever they like for a long time, including the murder of Canadian engineer Gerald Bull. The US has droned more Arabs than we can count.

I’ve wondered about that myself. Offing people like George Soros is kind of what the CIA is all about.

One Response to “Political Violence”

  1. RealRick Says:

    People like Georg Soros are alive because they are connected to a lot of important people. He might be an enemy – and even appear to be an obvious enemy – but if he has enough people in Washington on his payroll, then his life is safe and secure. The things we know about him are scary, but we should really fear those things we don’t know about him.

    The old example of Al Capone bears repeating: Capone didn’t go to prison for kidnapping, murder, rape, arson, bribery, extortion, or any of the other heinous crimes he committed. He went to prison for tax evasion. Had he given the government their “cut”, he’d have remained the toast of Chicago until his syphilis did him in.

    Soros, like the Lannisters of GOT, always pays his debts.

    And, as frequently proclaimed on Dyspepsia, The Crust takes care of The Crust.

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