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Hundreds of Public Defenders Protest ICE Court Arrests

9th February 2018

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New York City public defenders protested Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers Thursday for arresting their clients at courthouses.

Note that these are illegal immigrants who have been arrested for committing crimes.

Several hundred public defenders lined up outside a courthouse in the Bronx after ICE agents arrested Dembele Lanier, an illegal immigrant who was leaving the courthouse after seeing a judge for an assault charge. His wife said the ICE agents were waiting for Lanier outside of the courthouse, WNYC News reported.

In a ‘sanctuary city’ like New York, it’s their most efficient option.

After Lanier’s arrest, Bronx public defenders and attorneys for The Legal Aid Society gathered in front of the courthouse with posters that read “immigrants are welcome here.”

Note the refusal to distinguish between legal immigrants (who are indeed welcome here) and illegal immigrants (who aren’t).

The Legal Aid Society is a communist-dominated group whose members never met a criminal that they didn’t try to get off.

The Bronx public defenders said ICE was “not an immigration enforcement zone.”

That’s a very stupid statement for lawyers to make.

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