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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

7th February 2018

Joe Biden Calls Trump ‘A Joke’ In New Interview  Coming from the most complete joke in the Democrat party, that’s pretty ironic.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: Trump Is A ‘Hamburger-Eating, Zamboni-Riding Loon’  Where these people get their fantasies is a complete puzzle.

Stephen Colbert tells Trump he’s too chicken to meet with Mueller  When Colbert actually hits puberty it’s going to come as a great shock.

Trump supporters share more fake news than anyone else, study shows  They must have ignored the TV and Facebook. The ‘survey’ was ‘coded’ by academics — I’d like to see what they thought of as ‘fake news’.

CNN’s John Kirby Trashes Trump’s Military Parade As ‘Beneath Us’ The thing about Trump trolling for sleaze bags s that he always finds them.

CNN Fearmongering: Trump Wants Military Parade Like ‘North Korea’  Except that ‘journalists’ would see a Boy Scout troop as ‘like North Korea’.

Media And Dems Compare Trump’s Military Parade To North Korea  One of these days, they’re gonna catch that red dot, just see if they don’t.

Carl Bernstein Compares Trump to McCarthy, Calls Him ‘Authoritarian Demagogue’  No, that was Obama.

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