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Professor Argues Asians Are Guilty of ‘Colorblind Racism’

9th January 2018

Read it.

And that’s the worst kind of racism there is!

An Asian American Studies professor at the University of Illinois says that interactions between Asian American students and international Asian students carries the risk of reinforcing so-called “colorblind racism.” Soo Ah Kwon says that students reinforce that form of racism in their attempts to reach out to their international counterparts.

I am not making this up.

“We problematize this schema not only because it places undue responsibility upon Asian American students but [because] it also renders the experiences of racial marginalization and discrimination invisible for international and domestic racial minority students,” writes Kwon.

God forbid that a schema go unproblematized. Women and minorities hardest hit, etc. etc.

Kwon says “colorblind racism” happens when people do not take race into account when confronting issues, which she argues is problematic because it ignores “structures of power that privileges whiteness and white supremacy.”

All racism, all the time. Got it. Martin Luther King got suckered by that one, obviously.

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