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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

9th January 2018

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Wolff’s Book ‘Reinforces’ Anti-Trump Narrative from ‘Entire Media’  As it was designed to do.

Joe Scarborough Complains Washington Post Won’t Publish His Trump Dementia Claim  It must really be demented.

Protesters beam ‘F*** Trump’ on college football national championship stadium before player appears to shout it

‘Roseanne’ star says hit sitcom returning to screens to hold a mirror up to Donald Trump’s America  Welcome to the Funhouse.

Krugman: Trump’s Admin Is Made Up Of ‘The Worst And Dumbest’  Actually, for ‘worst and dumbest’ I would nominate a Nobel Laureate in Economics who predicted a stock market crash that didn’t happen. Can’t get much dumber than that.

Scarborough Admits: No “Objective Evidence” That Trump Mentally Unfit  Which will not, of course, prevent him from claiming it.

WaPo Delves Deeper Into Fiction, Writes Fantasy Op-Ed In Trump’s Voice  They’ve got nothing real to work with, so they have to make stuff up.

Latest Fact-Free Claim From Michael Wolff: Trump May Be Dyslexic!

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