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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

7th January 2018

MSNBC Guest: ‘Evidentiary Piece Of The Book’ Is ‘Less Important’ Because We Already Know Trump Acts This Way  The Dan Rather defense: ‘fake but accurate’.

For Liberals, Every Damn Thing In the World Is About Trump

Psychiatrist Who Raised Concerns About Trump’s Mental Health Wants To ‘Contain’ Him For An Evaluation  The old statist impulse often comes out when it’s least expected.

NPR Anchor Uses Misquote to Trump Fan: Are You Backing a Lunatic Who’d Launch Nukes?

Telemundo Charges Trump with Waging ‘All-Out War’ on Immigrants  Some people can’t see the distinction between ‘immigrants’ and ‘illegal immigrants’.

Tom Steyer Is Hand-Delivering 535 Copies Of Wolff’s Book To Congress  It would be funny if one of the recipients smacked him with it.

Bernie Sanders: Trump Is ‘So Offensive’ And ‘I Worry About Him Being A Pathological Liar’  Bernie, that’s the LEAST of your worries.

Stephen Colbert jokes that Michael Wolff stole ‘Fire And Fury’ material from new show  I guess Colbert makes it up, too.

Woody Harrelson says he had to ‘fire up a joint’ to get through dinner with Donald Trump  Or even get out of bed in the morning, looks like.

ABC Panel Lauds Wolff’s Gossip Despite Agreeing Only ’50 Percent’ Was True  ‘Fake but accurate’.

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