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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

4th January 2018

MSNBC Republican Charlie Sykes: Trump’s Tweets Display ‘Textbook’ ‘Authoritarianism’  What MSNBC means by ‘conservative’ is what we conservatives mean by ‘liberal’.

“Your Honor, the President Is Acting Like He’s in Charge and We Want It Stopped”  Joe Bob Briggs is on the case

Stephen Colbert shoots down Donald Trump with fake viagra advert: ‘Do we all have to die because your penis is small?’  Dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. Let me know when Colbert hits puberty.

Donald Trump’s ‘rush of tweeting’ is ‘indication of his falling apart under stress’, says Yale psychiatrist  Another example of the ‘psychic psychiatrist’ hallucination. If they did this to anyone else, it would be considered unprofessional.

Donald Trump eats McDonald’s food to avoid being poisoned, claims new book  A not unreasonable concern.

Alt-Left Insanity: ‘Trump Trauma’ Is Making Liberals Freak Out

CNN Commentator: Trump Is ‘Dysfunctional And Dishonest And Disloyal And Dirty And Dumb’  The resemblance between CNN and a high school cafeteria is probably not intentional.

MSNBC: Even If ‘Not All’ of Trump Book Is True, ‘the Spirit Is’ Accurate  The Dan Rather defense ‘fake but accurate’

Utah Man Indicted For Threatening To Kill ‘Sexist, Racist, Homophobic’ Trump

Trump is ‘psychologically unfit’ and nuclear button tweet is grounds for removal, says former Bush ethics lawyer  Another instance of the ‘psychic psychiatrist hallucination’.

Evidence of Trump campaign crimes exists, says Democrat Intelligence committee member  Of course he doesn’t cite any evidence but there just HAS TO BE some because Trump!

Did Donald Trump really have sex with his friends’ wives?  Well, no, but they’re running out of shit to say.

The View’s Behar Attacks ‘Collaborator’ Sean Hannity, Calls Trump ‘Typical Bully’  The only would-be bully here is the incongruously-named Joy Behar.

MSNBC: ‘Isn’t It Remarkable That We’re’ Discussing Trump’s ‘Mental State?’  Remarkable? No. Deranged? Yes.

Katy Tur: White House ‘Sources’ Say They’re Concerned About Trump’s ‘Mental State’  Conveniently unnamed.

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