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The Great Error: The Bolsheviks Were Not a Party But an Apocalyptic Sect

29th December 2017

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What more fitting monument to a millenarian movement could there be than a thousand-page “saga”? Yuri Slezkine’s guiding argument in this remarkable, many-layered account of the men (rarely women) who shaped the October Revolution is that the Bolsheviks were not a party but an apocalyptic sect. In an extended essay on comparative religion that constitutes just one of his thirty-three chapters, he puts Russia’s victorious revolutionaries in a long line of millenarians extending back to the ancient Israelites; in their “totalitarian” demands on the individual believer, he suggests, the Bolsheviks are cut from the same cloth as the sixteenth-century Münster Anabaptists and the original “radical fundamentalist”, Jesus Christ.

One Response to “The Great Error: The Bolsheviks Were Not a Party But an Apocalyptic Sect”

  1. debby witt Says:

    Bolshevism was all about the substandard toilet paper:

    Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks?


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