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Tax $ at Work: NEH Gives $50,000 to Professor Who Warns ‘Liberals Shouldn’t Watch Fox News’

24th December 2017

Read it.

Liz Harrington at the Washington Free Beacon finds interesting line items in the budgets at the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Even under a Trump appointee, the NEH is still funding liberal researchers.

Eric Mandelbaum, a philosophy professor at the City University of New York, will receive a $50,000 grant for “Propaganda and Belief in the Modern World,”  a book-length study on the “psychology of belief formation.”

Mandelbaum coauthored a paper in 2015 entitled, “Believing Without Reason, or: Why Liberals Shouldn’t Watch Fox News.” In his beginning section, “Believing Badly,” Mandelbaum expressed shock that about half of Americans believe in ghosts, and believing in God is another example that “people believe very odd things.”

Actually, that’s good advice. Their heads might explode. As Scott Adams says, ‘Context is the enemy of idiots everywhere.’

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