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Eco-Terrorist Explains Why She Tried To Kill An Oil Pipeline

26th November 2017

Read it.

An eco-terrorist responsible for sabotaging an oil pipeline in North Dakota suggested Saturday that shutting down the multi-billion dollar line was necessary to defuse the ticking time bomb of man-made global warming.

Temporarily taking offline a pair of pipelines in Minnesota earlier this year was part of an effort to save the world from fossil fuels, Seattle activist and poet Emily Johnston wrote in an editorial for The Guardian. A judge is allowing her to use a “necessity defense” to justify her actions last year against the Enbridge pipeline.

This country is crawling with people who have fully internalized the plethora of OH MY GOD WE’RE GONNA DIE scenarios pushed by the proglodyte fringe and who therefore feel fully justified in committing any conceivable atrocity because they’re somehow preventing Hitler or equivalent.

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