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Congress Has a Pervert Problem

16th November 2017

Read it.

It would be nice to think that I was not the only person who watched Tuesday’s congressional hearing regarding sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill and felt pronouncedly stupider afterwards. But apart from a headline in The Washington Post suggesting that “Training is ‘first step’ in stopping sexual harassment in the House, lawmakers say,” there is little evidence so far that any other sentient human beings saw it. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was talking about Russia on the other C-SPAN at roughly the same time, so maybe no one did.

Your tax dollars at work.

She then proceeded to explain why putting up posters full of legalese written in tiny print is the surest way of making it absolutely clear to Rep. BlueBlazer McEntrepreneurship that he should not under any circumstances be showing his penis to members of his staff or his fellow representatives. Adults, especially those with college degrees, proud service in our nation’s Armed Forces, decades of experience getting things done in the private sector, and the other sorts of things that you generally find on the CVs of congressmen, learn these things from posters when they are 40 or 50 years old. Who would know otherwise?

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