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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

6th November 2017

John Oliver calls out Donald Trump’s ‘incompetence’ over Russian probe  Even though Trump has nothing to do with it and his name is never mentioned. Pajama-boy Oliver needs to get a real job.

‘Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist, Trump Made It Up’ Says Chelsea Handler on Netflix Show  Except that it does exist, and Trump didn’t make it up. But lies never stop liberals.

Journalists Slam Trump For Copying Fish Food Dump  Nothing is too trivial for ‘journalists’ who want some excuse to attack Trump.

Trump-Hating Celebrities Can’t Cope with the ‘Orange Nightmare’

CNN Cherry Picks Trump Quotes On Japanese Cars

Paul McCarthy: Going Vegan Is The Best Way To Get Back At Trump’s Climate ‘Madness’  Yeah. You first.

Trump Accused Of Ending A Satellite Program That Congress Defunded Before He Took Office  What does that matter? When in doubt, blame Trump!

Dog owner stunned to discover ‘exact image’ of Donald Trump in her pet beagle’s EAR – Mirror Online

Progressives Are Engaging in Impeachment Fanfiction

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