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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

10th November 2017

Allahu Akbar is Why Muslims Kill

Tesco Christmas advert attacked for featuring Muslim family

Egyptian Islamist Uses New Jersey Base to Stoke Christian Hatred

Young boy who told class he supported Isis among thousands of children referred to Prevent programme

Osama bin Laden’s son calls for terrorists to avenge his father’s death

Slaves on our Streets: ‘Honour-based’ abuse and forced marriage rife in London, campaigners warn

French Patriots Confront Muslim Street Prayers in Paris

Middle East Forum Launches Project to Tackle Islamist Financing

Susan Quinn: From Israel, Part 2: Gush Etzion, 1948 Massacre  Arabs were genocidal maniacs from the start.

Osama Bin Laden’s Son Is Calling For Muslims To ‘Take Revenge’ Against Americans

As a young British Muslim, this is why I’ll be wearing my poppy with pride  Not a common attitude.

Hezbollah Consolidates Its Stranglehold Over Lebanon

A Jihad Grows in Florida

Don’t Forget Middle East Madness

Another Mujahid Arrested in Spain

Finsbury Park Mosque says it was ‘unaware’ trustee is senior member of Hamas

Former British Isis jihadi claims racism while growing up in London fuelled her radicalisation  Yeah, things are SO much better where jihadis are in control.

American Islamists’ Silence on Tariq Ramadan Rape Allegations Speaks Volumes

ISIS Bride: ‘Racism’ Radicalized Me

Kabul TV station attack: At least two killed in Isis-claimed suicide bomb and gun assault in Afghanistan

Bonfire Night at the Asylum Home

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: British mother jailed in Iran on spy charges threatened with longer prison sentence after Boris Johnson gaffe

British hostage Ian Squire killed in Nigeria, Foreign Office confirms

Tariq Ramadan’s Fans Insist He’s Not A Rapist: It’s The Women’s Fault. And the Jews’

Danish Minister Attacked By Migrants At Deportation Center [VIDEO]

The futility of vetting immigrants to prevent terrorism

Egyptian TV presenter who spoke about single motherhood jailed for ‘outraging public decency’

Talking to (and about) the Muslim American Society

Immigration and the Internet

My Experience with Tariq Ramadan

University Creates Religious Conduct Code Because Muslim Students Pray Too Loudly, Flood Bathrooms

US Begins First Airstrikes On ISIS In Somalia

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