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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

2nd November 2017

Chelsea Handler Promotes Petition To ‘Impeach Trump’  You still need a reason, girl, and the fact that you hate him isn’t enough.

Michelle Obama just gave Donald Trump some Twitter advice  I’m sure Trump is going to rush to take advice from Michelle Obama.

Greatest threat to building peace in Iraq is not Isis – it’s Donald Trump picking a fight with Iran  Trump, of course, is not ‘picking a fight with Iran’; Trump is merely pulling the curtain back from the fights Iran is already picking with everybody else. Trump’s only crime is Noticing.

Biden: ‘Charlatan’ Trump Threatens ‘Invisible Moral Fabric’ Of America  And yet he keeps getting good stuff done. Not bad for a ‘charlatan’. (Write this down: A Democrat is concerned about the ‘moral fabric of America’. That’s gotta be a first.)

Actor Demands Congress Remove ‘Cancer’ of Trump from ‘the Body of Your Country’  Uh, yeah, we’ll get right on that.

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