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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

11th October 2017

Aghast MSNBC Host: Golfing With Trump Is ‘Kim Jong-Un Type Antics’

MSNBC’s Schmidt: Trump’s ‘Incompetence’ Caused ‘Deaths’ in Puerto Rico  Yup, he personally went to Puerto Rico and killed all those people.

Undercover Video Catches NYT Online Editor Bragging About Slanting the News Against Trump

Donald Trump’s presidency ‘could be doomed’  Well, no, actually.

Donald Trump is the most dangerous President in US history, says Hillary Clinton  But you’d have been worse.

Jon Stewart joined Stephen Colbert to warn Donald Trump is a sociopath  Project much?

Donald Trump’s tweets could lead to war between US and North Korea, diplomats fear  Well, no, actually.

Las Vegas professor tells students Donald Trump incites violence after mass shooting

Why are Ivana and Melania fighting over that dead pigeon Trump anyway?

Trump refuses to deny America is on path toward World War Three  How dare he!

Republicans ‘discuss Donald Trump’s chief of staff tackling him to stop him lunging for nuclear football’  For which, of course, there is no evidence.

Trump Says NBC ‘Made Up’ Story Claiming He Wanted More Nukes

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