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New York Restaurant Finds Itself at Centre of Bizarre ‘Putin Burger’ Scandal

9th October 2017

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Just across the street from Madison Square Garden, Lucy’s Cantina Royale has found itself at the centre of an odd controversy after Russian state-owned media published claims last week that the restaurant had sold a burger special named after Vladimir Putin on his birthday.

“Lucy’s Cantina Royale was subject of a hoax involving Vladimir Putin’s birthday. Our restaurant has never celebrated Vladimir Putin’s birthday in any way, shape, or form, and has never offered a ‘Putin Burger’,” a statement provided by manager Tim Ryan to The Independent reads.

I wasn’t aware that Putin was into Third World food.

Russian state-owned media claimed in a video last week that a waitress had told them that the restaurant had put together a five-patty burger that weighed about “1,952 grammes” — a reference to the year Mr Putin was born — to mark his 65th birthday on Saturday. The video segment, which was clearly filmed at least in part in the restaurant, shows a waitress delivering a mammoth burger to a customer and talking about how it’s made.

I’d be proud to have such a creation named after me.

Mr Ryan said that a burger is available in the restaurant, which offers a variety of Mexican fare,  but that it is named after their chef — not the Russian president.

What a disappointment.

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