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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

8th October 2017

We wondered why Trump was behaving like he is, but now we know: it’s all about revenge  The basic problem with ‘journalists’ is the most of what they ‘know’ ain’t so.

Trump’s White House has ‘become an adult day care center’, Republican senator Bob Corker says in extraordinary response to President’s attack  As a member of the petting zoo that is the U.S. Senate, he certainly ought to know.

Donald Trump takes credit for inventing the word ‘fake’  This is, of course, a lie — yet another proglodyte who can’t read at a third-grade level.

Donald Trump being sued ‘for forcing women off the pill’ in crackdown on female contraception  Such a hardship, being forced to buy their own birth control — which is $20 to $50 a month if not covered by insurance. If you can’t afford that, keep your pants zipped.

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