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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

6th October 2017

University Prez Tried To Stop Donald Trump Jr. From Giving Speech But Wound Up Failing

Liberal Pundit: Unpopular Trump Could Be Re-Elected, Since ‘Character Assassination Is the GOP Specialty’  Like being called ugly by a frog.

Clothing store advocating hate has billboard of Trump depicted as Hitler removed in a day

The cost of Donald Trump’s travel could pay to send 128 cargo ships full of aid to Puerto Rico  Not a  peep about Obama’s travel. And how many cargo ships could be send for a MSM anchor’s pay?

Donald Trump is failing and the White House is working overtime to cover it up  Sure looks like he’s winning to me. Maybe not in this alternate reality.

Donald Trump’s administration accused of undermining Affordable Care Act  Oh, ya think?

Mika Brzezinski Says Trump Has A ‘Strange Sexual’ Thing For Her  He’s got Melania, sweetheart, he doesn’t need you.

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