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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

2nd October 2017

John Oliver calls out Donald Trump over ‘horribly racist’ response to Puerto Rico  Which it wasn’t, of course — his response was the same as that to Harvey and Irma.

Donald Trump heckled with ‘you don’t give a sh*t about Puerto Rico’ as he dedicates golf trophy to victims  Welcome to the Fact Free Zone. If Obama had done this, they’d be lining up to kiss his ass.

Geraldo From Puerto Rico: ‘NYT Hatred Of Trump Allows Reckless Lies’

Donald Trump doesn’t want to say too much about the Las Vegas shooting because he’s part of the problem  Well, no, he’s not part of the problem. This is just another proglodyte fantasy.

Trump’s silence on gun control says: It’s sad about your loved ones, but I need the NRA’s cash  Well, no, it doesn’t. This is just another proglodyte fantasy.

Trump will be called ‘presidential’ for his Las Vegas massacre response, but he’ll only be doing the bare minimum  Uh-huh.

Mag: Mexican Official Dreams Of Trump Assassination, But Most Urge Prudence

CBS Suggests Poor Cuba Relations Are Trump’s Fault, Not Castro’s

SNL’s Michael Che Calls Trump ‘B****,’ ‘White Cracker’

Las Vegas Shooting Keeps Trump Impeachment Bill From Hitting Congress [VIDEO]

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