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‘Hepeating’ Is the Latest Word to Enter the Feminist Lexicon

28th September 2017

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‘Hepeating’ is the latest word to enter the feminist lexicon. Following the introduction of eye-rolling gendered terms like “manspreading” and “manflu,” the word “hepeating” has been made popular thanks to social media and countless progressive websites embracing the newly defined term.

The Leftist search for heretics and sinner proceeds apace, even when they have to make it up.

Hepeating is supposedly what happens when a woman comes up with a good idea or suggestion and pitches it at the workplace, where she’s subsequently ignored by her colleagues. But, when a male colleague repeats her words and gets a positive response, he is credited for her proposal.

Never seen that happen, during twenty-five years in IT. Never heard any woman complain about it.

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