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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

27th September 2017

MSNBC Host: Trump Sounds Like He’s Running ‘His Own Three-Ring Circus I guess MSNBC is the Clown Car.

Donald Trump is a ‘racist KKK and Nazi sympathiser’, says Labour MP  For which, of course, there is absolutely no evidence, except the stuff they make up.

ABC Finally Spends Significant Time on Puerto Rico, Uses it to Slam Trump

Calling Trump’s remarks on NFL anthem protesters racist is what drives people to him

Hillary Clinton peddles fake news about Trump and Puerto Rico

Gumbel Thanks Trump’s ‘Racist’ ‘Childish’ Comments for ‘Energizing’ Athletes

Morning Joe’s Mika Mocks Trump, Compares Him To Homer Simpson  Except that he’s still President, and she’s just a chattering bimbo on TV.

Did Donald Trump just threaten to commit genocide?   Well, no, but it makes a great clickbait headline.

MSNBC Guest Compares Trump To A Murderer With A ‘Killing Finger’  Where do they find these deranged ‘guests’? (Oh — he’s the editor of Talking Points Memo — that explains a lot.)

Seth Meyers Blasts Trump For Being The ‘Last Responder’ To Puerto Rico  Which he wasn’t, of course; the administration responded to Maria just as quickly as Harvey. But to the media, if it didn’t happen on Twitter it didn’t happen.

MSNBC, HuffPost: ‘Neanderthal’ Trump Wants Black Players to Suffer  I’d put up with a lot for a million dollars a year.

Elijah Cummings: ‘God Would Not Be Pleased’ With Trump’s Puerto Rico Response  As if race-pimp Cummings would know.

CNN Contributor Spreads Fake Picture Of LeBron Giving Trump The Finger  Although, considering LeBron, it’s entirely believable.

Democrat to push for vote on Trump’s impeachment over his attack on NFL protesters   These people  live in a little world all their own….

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