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There Are Way Too Many White Librarians These Days, New Report Finds

31st August 2017

Read it.

A new report on diversity among library employees at America’s four-year colleges and universities has concluded that there are entirely too many white librarians.

Ithaka S+R, an academic research firm, released the “Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity” report on Wednesday.

As a group, librarians “are over three quarters white and nearly 90 percent white in leadership roles,” the Ithaka S+R report reveals.

The lack of “library employees of color” is a “shortcoming” in the academic library industry, the report also says.

Perhaps it’s because ‘people of color’ (don’t say ‘colored people’, that’s racist) don’t want to be librarians.

I’m still waiting to hear a persuasive argument that ‘diversity’ is somehow advantageous in a library, or how growing up in an inner-city slum brings something ‘vital’ to shelving books.

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