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Riot Police Pelt Protester Right in the Crotch With Pepper Ball

23rd August 2017

Read it.

A protester was struck in the crotch with a tear gas canister outside the Phoenix Convention Center Tuesday night after refusing to comply with police orders to vacate the area.

That sounds about right.

What was initially a peaceful protest erupted into chaos after the speech when protesters began hurling projectiles at the police. The police responded by clearing the streets using tear gas and rubber bullets.

“People in the crowd began fighting and throwing rocks and bottles at police,” Sgt. Jonathan Howard, of the Phoenix Police Department, said in a statement to CNN. “They also dispersed some gas in the area. Police have responded with pepper balls and oc (pepper) spray in an attempt to disperse the crowd and stop the assaults.”

The browshirts of the Left are on the march. Yet Trump is the New Hitler.

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