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Nigeria: Mysteries Sort of Revealed

8th August 2017

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The Islamic terrorist problem in the northeast is being sustained in part by competition. Boko Haram has split into two major factions that see each other as rivals, not allies. The two faction leaders spend most of their time staying out of view while trying to rebuild and organize terror attacks designed to attract the most media coverage. The Barnawi faction is recognized by ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) leadership while the Shekau faction (while still claiming to be part of ISIL) is not. Because of this the two factions have been operating quite differently. Barnawi is believed to have established a base in southern Libya, where ISIL still operates and has access to smuggling routes from Libya south (via Niger) to northern Nigeria, Mali and the Atlantic coast. Barnawi is concentrating on training and developing an organization that will last.

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