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Gizmodo Attacks Artificial Womb Technology, Claims It Threatens Women’s Rights

29th July 2017

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A new breakthrough in medical technology could enable prematurely born infants to survive outside of the womb, greatly improving their chances of survival and reducing risks for mothers unable to reach full term. Naturally, some feminists are upset by the prospects it offers and have tied its development to the end of abortion rights.

Women and minorities hardest hit etc. etc.

Speaking to Gizmodo, Harvard Law School bioethicist Glenn Cohen said that the constitutional treatment of abortion was pegged to the viability of a fetus’ survival. “This has the potential to really disrupt things, first by asking the question of whether a fetus could be considered ‘viable’ at the time of abortion if you could place it in an artificial womb.”

Gee, people won’t be able to kill their babies any more. The horror.

“It could wind up being that you only have the right to an abortion up until you can put [a fetus] in the artificial womb,” Cohen told Gizmodo. “It’s terrifying.”

Well, to some….

2 Responses to “Gizmodo Attacks Artificial Womb Technology, Claims It Threatens Women’s Rights”

  1. Elganned Says:

    Not terrifying to you of course, as you don’t have to raise it.
    “Nothing is difficult for the man who doesn’t have to do it.”

  2. bluebird of bitterness Says:

    No one is forcing any woman to raise a child she does not want to raise. Women have always had the ability to place their unwanted children for adoption, and they will continue to have that right even if they are someday denied the right to have those children sliced and diced and flushed down a drain.