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Dallas, Like America, Is Running Out of White Kids to Solve Its Problems

20th June 2017

Steve Sailer translates prog-speak for you.

When it comes to educations, “segregated” now means: not enough white kids. On the other hand, when it comes to adults voting, not enough whites is seen by the New York Times as a feature, not a bug. Granted, that’s kind of a logical contradiction, but when you’re holding The Megaphone, you don’t have to worry about being called out on minor issues like not making any sense.

Dallas County is only 18% white children. What Dallas City is I don’t know, but your fundamental problem is You Are Running Out of White Children.

America’s big educational problem is that it’s running out of white children. Our ideologies still assume that America is a white-dominated country with only a small percentage of minorities, but the reality is that whites are rapidly heading toward being a minority too. So theories of solving the problems of blacks and Hispanics by diluting their troubles in the great mass of white children are out of date.

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