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Overpopulation Scaremongering Never Gets Old

19th June 2017

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The tiny land-locked African country of Lesotho is the poster child for the impending population explosion in the mind of journalist Eugene Linden.

In “Remember the Population Bomb? It’s Still Ticking,” an op-ed in the Sunday New York Times, Linden repeats a 40-year-old refrain: “Lesotho’s biggest problem probably was, and is, the obvious: too many people.”

Oh noes! The sky is falling! Women and minorities hardest hit! The planet will be destroyed!

Or maybe not:

How does Linden know that Lesotho is inhabited by “too many people”? The country’s population density is 176 people per square mile. But compare that to Malthusian hellholes like the United Kingdom (694 people per square mile); Germany (601 people); or the deities forfend, the Netherlands (2,852 people). In fact, the population density of the entire European Union is more than 300 people per square mile.

So I guess what he means is that Lesotho has too many black African people. But of course he can’t say that.

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