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Access to Obama White House Paid Off for Corporate Executives

2nd May 2017

Read it.

Democrats — best politicians money can buy.

7 Responses to “Access to Obama White House Paid Off for Corporate Executives”

  1. Elganned Says:

    With Trump in the White House, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    And indeed we probably won’t, ‘progressive’ fantasies to the contrary notwithstanding. As with ‘global warming’, the serene confidence with which the Cloud People anticipate a Trump meltdown are exceeded only by the persistent reality of the fact that it keeps not happening.

  3. Elganned Says:

    “Meltdown”? Who said anything about a meltdown?
    No, it’s Crony Capitalism I was speaking of…unless your post was about something else? If so, I must have missed it.
    Like all good Capitalists, Trump will use the White House as a means of enriching himself at taxpayer’s expense, by means of enriching many another corporate structure–“one hand washes the other”, as they say, or quid pro quo for those of you who prefer Latin.
    And when it happens I hope you are as outraged about it as you seem to be about Obama…but I doubt you will be. Or if you are, I doubt you’ll mention it. When the opponents do it, it’s reprehensible; when your side does it, it’s just how “deals” get done.

  4. Tim of Angle Says:

    WHo said anything about a meltdown? Everybody in the DemLegHump media, since the election. You really need to get out more.

    Again, like the Global Warming fantasy, the Trump Will Enrich Himself fantasy is merely an attempt to establish some sort of ‘well, they do it too!’ moral equivalence in order to excuse Democrat corruption — which has nothing to do with Capitalism except in the minds of those who hate free markets and want the government to control everything.

  5. Elganned Says:

    Last I looked, “everybody in the DemLegHump media” isn’t here, not even in the article you cite; it’s just you and me.
    So again, who said anything about a meltdown?
    Like Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer, your pathetic attempt to change the subject falls flat.

    Unlike the Global Warming “fantasy”, which will overtake us over many decades, the Trump Will Enrich Himself is already being made manifest, with the plugging of Mar-a-Lago’s wonders (“it’s the most beautiful chocolate cake”) and the doubling of membership fees immediately following the election. More will follow. Watch this space.

  6. Tim of Angle Says:

    It’s not just me and you — it’s just you. You inhabit a fantasy world all your own. I’m only involved because I have to clean up your mess.

  7. Elganned Says:

    Sorry. I didn’t know I was corresponding with myself. Who knew it was so complicated?