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Alt-Left Insanity: Steal the Vote From White Men, Then Steal Their Stuff

14th April 2017

Read it.

The alt-left are like the Rosie Ruiz of politics. Ruiz won the 1980 Boston Marathon and she did it in classic liberal style. I’ll let Time describe it: “Ruiz made winning a marathon look easy. And it was, using her signature strategy: Don’t run the whole thing.”

Liberals learned their lessons from Rosie. The way to win is to fix the race. Now they apply that strategy wherever they can — workplaces, academia and, of course, media. Their way to fix every race is to make every race about race.

Which is, really, the Left’s agenda in a nutshell.

Elections? Racist. Business? Racist. Dating? Racist. Picking up someone’s pencil and being polite to her? Yep, you got it, racist. Because somehow you expect people who are illegally in America to, you know, obey the law.

You know, of course that Ists are even worse than Phobes.

Race wars never go away for the left because they allow liberals to separate us into victim classes. If people don’t consider themselves victims, they don’t vote for the left. Expect to hear a lot about this as Nextflix just dropped the trailer for its stupid show, Dear White People yesterday.

Without victims, there can be no activists. (Oops. I meant ‘politically-woke people’.)

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